The Head Hugger is an innovative support device that cradles the head and reduces pressure on the neck.  This device slips over the head quickly providing soft but firm support, reducing tension in the neck & shoulders while napping on the go. The Head Hugger is designed to be universal, it can be used with any convertible or toddler car seat. When using the Head Hugger your little one will rest properly and you will be rest assured!

Head/Neck Support  ·   Eliminate Neck Strain  ·    Soft Neoprene Cushion  ·   Ideal for Travel

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Getting Started:  Unbuckle elastic strap. Place elastic strap around upper portion of child’s car seat, below the anchor strap.  Thread the strap back through the buckle and pull snug.  If needed adjust strap to ensure neoprene cushion is centered.

To Use:  First Use – When child is seated pull Head Hugger down across forehead.  Adjust top safety strap so that there is no slack.  Center cushion on child’s forehead. When child falls asleep simply slide Head Hugger over the head. Travel with ease knowing your child will sleep comfortably.

Care Instructions:  Cold wash, Do not use fabric softener,  Do not bleach, Lay flat to dry

Warning:  Use Under Adult Supervision Only. Do not install in any way that interferes with the correct operation of your child’s car seat as determined by the car seat manufacturer.  Never leave child unattended.  Do not allow any part of this product to cover a child’s nose or mouth.  This is Not Safety device or a Toy.

Great For:  Car Seats, Strollers, Cars, Planes, Trains, + More